Toxkal - Toxkal (LP) 2017 (unreleased)

This is a lyrical collaboration with Big Dawg Xkalibur, a crunk poet from Florida whose insightful and gut wrenching lyrics create the perfect counterpoint. A whole slew of top notch instrumentalists contribute to create the musical soundscape.

Thor20 - Thor20 (EP) 2012

My collaboration with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto. He remixed three songs from my Dreamjunky album in his inimitable style. Hard break beats and some of the tightest production around see Jack return to his musical roots. He also did the awesome artistic sequences in the Soulsonic video and some secret vocals on T-Town 2.

Tox Simian - Dreamjunky (LP) 2011

My second solo album and third full length album in which I wrote and produced all the music. This time around I had the chance to collaborate with some great musicians to begin moving away from a purely sample based sound, and learning to mix and play live instruments. My production and songwriting also improved drastically under the tutelage of Tech23.