Hey, Im tox simian with another episode of traumatized by reality. Last time you heard about the first principle, us vs. them. And maybe you thought a little bit about whether you are truly an “innocent bystander” when bad things happen to good people.

Today we'll move on to the Second Principle of Mind Control. The Second principle is.....fear. Makes sense, right? IN fact, You might wonder, why isn't fear number one? Isn't that the easiest way to control people?

Well, no. Fear is the most effective way to control people, but it is not the easiest. The easiest way to control people is number one, Us. Vs. Them. Fear, while certainly more powerful as a primal instinct, is more difficult to maintain without actual bombs and bullets. And yet, fear is absolutely necessary on all levels of society to maintain a centralized military economy. So how is it done?

One precedes two. Because if we're going through the effort of inducing fear we have to provide something to be afraid of. This isnt a nameless fear we're inducing. The fear has to be directed properly into the machine to make it run. That's where us. vs. them comes in. At first, it was a small step, to accept us. vs. them in your life. Because lets face it, people are idiots. And At some point you accepted that they are who they say they are and of course you wanted no part of them, so you joined an imaginary we to huddle in safety against the imaginary they. Understandable, on many levels, to retreat from the horror. the problem is, when you created that imaginary they, you told yourself a lie. Just a little lie, a little ego deflection. But the little lie began growing when you got so concerned about the imaginary they that you gave in and joined the imaginary we. And then the lie grew even larger when you began to suspect that the opposite team was to blame for all the world's ills. Because that little lie, the one you originally let in, once inside the us. Vs them stadium, snuck around and unlocked the back gate when no one was looking, for somethng else to sneak in. You know what it was? Fear.

Now fear itself, I dont have to explain that. Fear is all the things that “they” will do to you if they get the chance. And if you're living with an us vs. them that is somehow important to you or imminent in your life, isnt that the first thing you want to know when you meet someone , what side are you on?

Because you've already divided yourselves into us. vs. them, so it's really only natural that you start fighting. The instinct is real. It can bring out noble and extraordinary feats. But the instinct is deceived, by the ego, and twisted into a very sick game. And then fear reigns, the instinct is engaged, and you go out and get an Us 4 Life tatoo. Once fear is engaged most people dont come out of us vs. them. They stick with their affiliation til death. And there you have it from a tiny little lie, to a permanent disfigurement, that is the power of mind control.

And yet while we might fiercely hate our imagined enemies, how close are our allies? Do we socialize and meet often with our allies to plan against this enemy? Or are we all isolated in our own homes, our allies every bit as imaginary as our foe?

Are we screaming at the television, screaming at the newspaper, screaming at the alternate media internet reports? Because often, if not always the result, when you mix the us vs. them mentality with fear, is a fun little thing called the blame game. Thats right, one plus two equals blame game. And unfortunately you see this a lot in the truth movement. We'll tell you all the horrible things that are happenng in this world and we'll make you feel helpless but we'll also tell you who is to blame, not you of course, you are a good person. Is this what our resistance amounts to?

Blame the left , or the right, whichever you are not. Of course. Blame the muslims. Blame those backwards terrorists, just nuke em all and the world will be sweet. Blame black people, of course. Blame immigrants. Blame whitey. Cant leave that out. Blame cops, blame politicians, blame corporations. Oh, and blame the jews , definitely gotta blame the jews. Whats that you say? You meant different jews, Fake illuminazi euro banker jews? ....Blame the rothschilds? Blame Hitler? Blame Obama? Blame the aliens? Blame satan?

Has anyone met a rothschild? Maybe if youre really looking for someone to blame the answer is a little bit closer to home. Words aside, havent we all given consent through our actions?

Yes, the vampire elite do exist and they are terrifying. Yes they want you weak and stupid and devote vast resources to helping you make that choice. But they are not to blame. They want you to blame them! They want you to give them that power, to forget that you are the one who creates this reality.

Now Im going to leave you with this question, we're gong to change gears a little bit o the next video, instead of the next principle, we're going to look at The Primary Tool of Mind Control. So ask yourself, what is the primary tool of mind control? See you next time, tox out








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